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Re: very strange behavior of my python

hi, guys. Her behavior is getting more and more strange.
So I ripped off all silicone sealant from walls and covered it with several layers of acrylic varnish. Also I have remade ventilation system, renewed her hide box and enter of hide box.

What have changed ?
She stops to ram a ventilation system but started ram a glass. Usually she appear fron her hide box at 18-19h and starts ram a glass. After 3-4 hours I let her explore my room. After 2-3 hours I put her in an enclosure and finally she stops ram the glass and go to upper branches. BUT now she don't go to hide box to sleep and get warm. I take a branch with her, put a branch down and direct her head to entrance of hide-box and she so to sleep and get warm.
This scenario was 7 days. Yesterdays night I didn't let her go from her viv and today at 9.00 I found her ramming a glass. She was never ramming a glass at the morning. I tried to direct her head to a hide-box and she didn't go. As far as she had heater in her hide-box I checked warm of heater and it's temperature sensor.
I tried to install lower temperature to 31C. She come back to glass. I let her explore my room at day time.
What I should to do ?
Sorry my English Feel free to correct my mistakes.
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