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Originally Posted by mikeneezy View Post
I've saved for a few months. I bought a bunch of stuff from Reptile Basics. Is it true that Boas are OK with big enclosures as babies, unlike BPs? I picked up a 4x2 cage and a VE300 and a couple of other things. I'm waiting for my accurite humidity gauge from amazon to come in so I can keep track of my humidity.

I'm looking at a Central American Boa from LLLReptile as I hear they're a little bit smaller? Theres also a hypo colombian bci I was looking at. This all depends if they have males in stock.

I set the VE300 at 93F, night drop of 5F on a 12hr cycle set to pulse. I have a temp gun and have been keeping mental notes of the last few days of my temps. Hot spot is fluctuating from 89-92F, cool side is 79-80F.
Sounds like you're off to a great start!!!

Have you checked out Awesome site with lots of reputable breeders. Tons of choices. I can't speak directly about LLL, but I have heard mixed reviews on them. and also have lots of options. You'll be able to research breeder and find the right animal for you.

...and I may be mistaken with this since I dont keep boas (yet), but I believe that hot side temp could come down to 89-90. But again, I may be mistaken.

Keep up the good work!
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