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Re: Jerkface is Trying to be a Vegan

Originally Posted by EL Ziggy View Post
Is he thriving, surviving or suffering?
That is a very valid question that I ask myself a lot. I know he's not thriving so that leaves surviving or suffering. What does a suffering snake look like?

His behavior, other than the feeding issues, resembles that of my BP in that they both sleep during the day and are active at night. He slithers over and around his branches, moves between warm and cool hides as needed and climbs the walls of his viv to sniff the air coming through the screen. When I handle him, he casually explores my hands and up my arms and readily wraps his body around my fingers or wrist for stability. His movements are smooth and fluid and don't strike me as abnormal. In other words, he's not struggling to move. If I turn him over, he rights himself so that reflex is intact. His poops are coming more regularly now than they were before the NutriBACdf; they're neither runny nor hard and I find urates in between his poops so I know he's drinking water as needed.

All in all, based on observation, I'd have to say he's surviving at this point. I weighed him again last night after a poop; he's gained another gram and, between his last two feedings, is now back to his pre-shed weight of 31 grams. I consider ever gram he gains to be a minor win and if I have to continue to do this gram by gram I'm committed to that.
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