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Re: Lincoln bites the tongs.

Snakes aren't all that great at telling different objects sometimes. That's part of the reason for using tongs and mine have a rubber coating 1/3rd up for such accidents. They smell food, they see movement, and they strike it. I find my bulls and pines that tend to bluff strike are considerably better at only hitting the correct object than other species. My rosy boa got the tongs in place of the mouse last week but not being a very strong constrictor or bold species she released immediately and then seemed too confused about the inedible object to go after the mouse.

I did have one bull accident when my male kankakee left a large rat uneaten and I decided to remove it by the tail without tongs. He popped up from the backside of the hide and got my moving fingers instead of the rat I'd started to pick back up.
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