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Re: A/C is Out and Indoor Temps are Rising...

Originally Posted by phenyx View Post
A/C has mysteriously started working again so temps are coming down.
Good to hear your A/C is back on. I had a similar question a few weeks ago when I was worried about leaving my python by himself while I was away for the week. The ambient temperature in my room has been over 90F (33C) for the past couple of months, barely dropping even at night and reaching a high of 95F (35C).

Fortunately I was able to move him to a slightly cooler room while I was away, but it was still around 82C (28C).

To be honest, I didn't notice any difference in my snake's behavior even at those temperatures. I spray with a cool mist morning and night and make sure he always has a fresh bowl of cool water which he occasionally bathes in, but no more often than usual.

I sleep in the same room as my snake and had A/C fitted after I got back from my trip. However, it's gradually starting to cool down in the evening now so I probably won't need to use it until next year. is offline