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Strange poop

So I just got a beautiful boy on August 19 (I'm still a newbie to the reptile hobby). I let him settle for a week before feeding him, so I fed him a small mouse(he'd been eating mice previously but I wasn't sure what size. The small mouse seemed right so that's what I got) on Monday August 27 at around 1 pm. He took to it immediately. I've been watching him, just to see how his digesting was going and I noticed around 12 today that he didn't have the lump anymore, so I figured he'd poo it out soon. I had to leave and go somewhere at 12:30, and when I got back at 2:45, I saw in his tub. Is this poop? I'm worried because it doesn't look fully digested. I'm worried that it might have been regurgitated since I didn't see him when he produced it.

I love him so much (his name is Noah by the way. he's perfect) and I just want him to be okay.

I'm keeping him in a tub on paper towels right now with one hide and a bowl of water. As he grows out of it I'll be upgrading him, eventually into the 36x18x12 terrarium that I bought and will hopefully turn into a wonderful vivarium. Still gotta research that tho.

Anyways, his humidity has been pretty high (I can't seem to get it below 80%! if someone could help with that too that would be great. I've been resorting to taking the lid off for like 10 minutes every once in a while to try and help) and his temp is usually a bit low at around 82/83.

Basically, I just want help because I love him so much and want him to grow up to be a strong and healthy boy.

Thank you! Any help is greatly appreciated!
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