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Re: Northern Ring-Necked snake advice

I wasn't looking to have this as a snake I constantly handle. I do not mind not seeing it so much but I do actually get to observe it if I am quiet. I see it out more often and it's definately active, moss, leaves, etc are constantly knocked all over the place and I see new tunnels in the dirt from the side of the tank. I definitely am not looking to kill the lil guy and was already thinking of letting him go. When I originally captured him I was planing on keeping him a few days and releasing. He is wild caught. I dont normally keep any wild animals unless I find them at work and it's an area where they are wiping out the animals habitat. No point in leaving them there to just get bulldozed etc. as land is cleared to make more houses for us humans. So I either keep him or let him go somewhere new. If I can know I can provide for him I'm ok with not seeing him all of the time. I am using soil and plants I obtained from its actual habitat before it was cleared. I am in land surveying and we are usually first before the heavy equipment comes in. I guess tomorrow I am making the decision to keep or let him go. Any other feedback would be great. He eats the same stuff my turtles eat for the most part and I thought that would work seeing as how I wouldn't need any different feeders. I always wash hands between species. They are nocturnal so if you want to observe them, night time is best.
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