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Re: RIP Mittens.

Originally Posted by JessterK View Post
Thanks. Yeah, I figure it couldn’t be any fault of the breeder’s after that long. Like I said, he seemed healthy when I got him. I simply emailed them informing them of what happened, described my husbandry practices, and asked if they could think of anything that might have gone wrong. I don’t expect any sort of compensation, like you said, long past that point. As for a necropsy, I see what you mean, but I’ve heard it’s quite expensive, like $300. I’d spend that kind of money or more to save a snake that still has a chance, but for a necropsy that would be quite a hit to my finances. I hope you understand. Thanks again for your thoughts.
Necropsies are usually really good for closure, insight and answers (what, why, possible prevention, assessing risk of housing another snake in the same cage even after thorough cleaning) but sometimes they offer very little answer, and I totally 100% understand where you're coming from, you don't have to justify yourself.
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