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Re: RIP Mittens.

Originally Posted by Andy_G View Post
These things are certainly unfortunate and they happen to all of us. I myself in the early 00's (2004ish) had to have a boa euthanized due to cancer, and of course breeding comes with it's challenges as well. Keep your head up.

After having the snake for 4 months, absolutely no blame can be placed on the breeder in this kind of situation. Saying that, I think it would be good to let them know so they are aware. As far as wording is concerned, make sure you're clear that you're not looking for a free replacement or compensation as that isn't something owed to you. If they offer it, that would be very kind, but don't expect or demand it. It's a shame that no cause of death or necropsy was done as I am sure a breeder (as well as you of course) would appreciate knowing the cause.
Thanks. Yeah, I figure it couldnít be any fault of the breederís after that long. Like I said, he seemed healthy when I got him. I simply emailed them informing them of what happened, described my husbandry practices, and asked if they could think of anything that might have gone wrong. I donít expect any sort of compensation, like you said, long past that point. As for a necropsy, I see what you mean, but Iíve heard itís quite expensive, like $300. Iíd spend that kind of money or more to save a snake that still has a chance, but for a necropsy that would be quite a hit to my finances. I hope you understand. Thanks again for your thoughts.
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