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Re: RIP Mittens.

Originally Posted by JessterK View Post
Sorry to hear about your snakes as well. It does help to know I'm not the only one who's experienced this sort of thing. I might try contacting the breeder, though I'm not sure how exactly how I'd word it. I guess just relay to them exactly what happened and see what they say? Even if they did offer another one, I'd be slightly apprehensive about getting one from the same source. I know it almost certainly wasn't in any way their fault either, but an experience like this tends to make one cautious. I guess it's good to make them aware either way.
These things are certainly unfortunate and they happen to all of us. I myself in the early 00's (2004ish) had to have a boa euthanized due to cancer, and of course breeding comes with it's challenges as well. Keep your head up.

After having the snake for 4 months, absolutely no blame can be placed on the breeder in this kind of situation. Saying that, I think it would be good to let them know so they are aware. As far as wording is concerned, make sure you're clear that you're not looking for a free replacement or compensation as that isn't something owed to you. If they offer it, that would be very kind, but don't expect or demand it. It's a shame that no cause of death or necropsy was done as I am sure a breeder (as well as you of course) would appreciate knowing the cause.
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