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Re: Northern Ring-Necked snake advice

i have kept many ring neck snakes back in the day..(think 1977), when i first became fascinated w/ reptiles. herpetoculture back then was in no way what it is today. anyway. my ring necks did very well on earthworms that i purchased from the bait shop. so, about every 10 days or so, you can replace the worms in your tank. the only problem with them (at least from my perspective), is that, because they were so fossorial, i NEVER saw them. they are such beautiful snakes, but you didn't get that chance to observe this, because they were doing ring neck things like hiding and burrowing. i would agree w toddnbecka though, unless you like looking at soil, you might want to pick up a king or corn for $30 or so and enjoy your snake.
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