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Re: RIP Mittens.

Originally Posted by toddnbecka View Post
I've lost several snakes for no apparent reason over the last 4-5 years (since I started keeping them again.) One was a BCI, one was a milk snake, and one was a garter. All were CBB, housed and fed properly. Not every snake is completely healthy at birth, and it seems some simply aren't destined to survive.
I agree with your 6 month idea, the ones I lost were all within a time frame less than that after I'd brought them home.

The seller we had gotten the BCI from did give us another of similar lineage. He has bred thousands of them, and also told us that sometimes one dies for some unknown reason. If you got yours directly from a breeder you might try contacting them.
Sorry to hear about your snakes as well. It does help to know I'm not the only one who's experienced this sort of thing. I might try contacting the breeder, though I'm not sure how exactly how I'd word it. I guess just relay to them exactly what happened and see what they say? Even if they did offer another one, I'd be slightly apprehensive about getting one from the same source. I know it almost certainly wasn't in any way their fault either, but an experience like this tends to make one cautious. I guess it's good to make them aware either way.
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