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Re: Corn snake stuck shed on nose?

Soak your snake for 1/2-1 hr and then try to gently rub off the offending skin with a wet washcloth.

If that doesn’t work, get help to hold the snake, use something like a tooth pick or something with a small tip, w/o an overly sharp tip, and using a magnifying glass, or strong reading glasses, try to pick the area clear w/o digging into the nostril.

I’ve seen the vet do this twice now, with a hooked pick that looks something like a dental tool, and it works every time. BUT BE CAREFUL or go to your vet if you’re not sure.

Originally Posted by jobibb View Post
Hi! I have a blizzard corn snake and she just shed yesterday and i noticed today when i took her out that she was breathing odd and i looked at her nostrils and both are covered by a hard dried substance. I was at first thinking that this was an R.I. symptom, such as dried mucus, but i opened her mouth to check and see if there was an excess of mucus and there was nothing unusual there. I’m thinking stuck shed but i’m not sure if that would happen on the nostrils after a shed? any help? i’ll try and upload a photo of i can figure out how to.
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