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Re: RIP Mittens.

Originally Posted by JessterK View Post
Thanks for your kind words and thoughts everyone, it really does help, thanks. Others have also said it sounds like it may have been a congenital defect or some other issue he had before I got him, especially since he wasnít growing despite eating regularly . As to getting a new one...right now it feels like I could never do it, but I know that might be a knee jerk reaction so Iím not going to make any definite decisions right now. Iíll maybe consider it again in a few months time. One thing I know is if I do get one, it will be one a little older, at least 6 months, I figure if heís made it that far eating and shedding normally he probably doesnít have existing problems. We will see I guess. Thanks again and best wishes to you and your snakes.
Sounds like a good plan. Take your time, you'll know wehn/if the time is right.
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