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RIP Mittens.

Well, my first and only snake, Mittens the BCI, has died. Found him this morning. Iím not sure what couldíve caused it. His humidity and temps were where they should be. He was about 5 months old, I he had him for 4. He had one regurg in the first couple weeks but ate just fine after that. Had a bout with mites but I treated him (no, I didnít use anything with pyrethrine) according to instructions and it seemed to work. All the time he was always very active, lively, and social until 2 weeks ago, he got less active (started a few days after a feeding), I moved him out of his viv and into a Rubbermaid to keep a closer eye on him. A few days ago he refused a meal. And this morning, when I checked him, he was dead. I am absolutely heartbroken. Iíve wanted a snake all my life. I also did YEARS of research on how to care for them before getting one, and apparently that meant exactly nothing. I even have neighbors who have kept boss for 20 years who gave me advice which I always followed. All that and he died anyway. Clearly I am not cut out for this and this poor guy who was nothing but a sweetheart suffered for it. Even the losers who buy a snake and release it into the wild as soon as they realize itís growing larger manage too keep them alive longer than this. He deserved better, Iím done. Sorry for the rant, Iím really upset right now.
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