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Re: Equipment suggestions?

Originally Posted by XrabbitX View Post
At this point the first tank I have to set up is glass with a wire mesh lid. I may set up another one in a plastic tub later on.

If you plan to house a creature with higher humidity requirements in this tank, you'll need to block off a portion of the mesh with plastic to keep the humidity inside.

You can go to Wal-Mart or Target and get one of their stupid-cheap poster frames, with the four slide on edges. Toss the frame slides in the trash and you have a beautiful piece of clear plastic you can cut to size. It will melt on contact with heat lamps, though, so you'll either have to suspend your heat lamp on a lamp stand or cut dome-sized + 1-2" holes in the plastic. I prefer lamp stands myself because you can adjust the temperature by raising or lowering the lamp.
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