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Re: My corn snake didn't eat her food

Stop anthromorphisizing your snakes...they arenít human, donít have emotions, etc. Once you get past that, and you realize they exist to eat, sleep, poop, and occasionally mate, youíll be taking care of your snakes in the best way possible. Keeping your two snakes apart means that they wonít have to compete for food, hide space, warmth (i.e. basking spots), etc., and their stress levels will go down.

Donít stop loving them, but realize they wonít love you, any other animal, the way you do.

And regarding social habits...only when theyíre mating or perhaps hibernating in the same hole are the only facts I know of.

Originally Posted by Iseitaku View Post
No I get what you mean just doesn't change the fact that these two were together since birth and at least in my opinion it is sad that they have to separate. I completely realize they won't likely miss each other due to them being a non social species (If I am not mistaken Garter snakes are a social snake but corn snakes are one of the many that are not). By no means am I imposing that they will miss eachother.
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