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Re: Snake freaking out when touched (help)

Originally Posted by Iseitaku View Post
I have had them for about a year now and had no issues short of a one time occurrence but that was more my fault for having my friends crowded around showing Red eating a mouse. Never been tagged by them as they are VERY well behaved. The idea behind feeding them in a separate container is simply getting it ingrain into them that they don't eat in their home so you can reach in without worry of being bit. As for putting them back you simply don't touch them you tip the container so they harmlessly slide back into their tank and you don't need to touch them once.

However this all boils down to the snake's personality, some behave differently and require different methods.

In the end the thing to consider is that snakes are not like dogs which are domesticated and you can just approach as normal and pet and hold and they will be perfectly fine with it for the most part. Snakes are tamed NOT domesticated. No matter how much training you do they are still at their core wild animals and have their own isntincts and can NEVER be domesticated like dogs can. Snakes will follow their instincts the most which is why some snakes have their own behavior which you will have to adapt to if you cannot train them in that aspect.
With all due respect, I replied to try to help the OP. I'm not trying to get into your unique situation of cohabitation. (That would be an exception to the rule to use a seperate feeding tub. BUT, since cohabbing is also highly discouraged, that's a topic for a different thread) We're here to help the OP with her questions and new corn snake. Trying to encourage a technique that is unique to your situation is in no way helping the OP.

I have already explained all the reasons why feeding INSIDE the enclosure is the safest, most reliable way to feed. The food aggression thing has been proven over years with thousands upon thousands of snakes to be a myth. I have fed all of my snakes inside their enclosures since I got into thus hobby in 1999/2000. Never once have I been tagged or struck at inside the enclosure.
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