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Re: Corn Snake Has Hard Lump

Well... how far down the snake is this lump?? I think right away we can rule out abscess. It just doesn't look like an abscess from the x-ray, plus abscesses are not super hard and fixed; they can be "flexed" when pressed on. They also sit off to the side of something making the lump irregular. The lump on your snake looks pretty uniform.
I am going to guess it is either impaction, or more likely organoamegaly.
It is not constipation since that would be a long distended appearance, not a lump. However if this lump is around 2/3's of the way down the snake it could be impacted right where the stomach meets the small intestine. From the X-ray the lump is organic. So it is either food that will not pass into the intestines, or an enlarged organ.

The fastest way to find out if it is intestinal impaction is to feed the snake and see if the food passes. Feed your snake and watch it carefully after 48 hours. Make sure you handle it every day after the 48 hour mark to see if the snakes energy levels change. The lump should increase in size. The snake will either regurgitate the food, or it will get sick. If the impaction is where I think it is, it should have no problem regurgitating. Infection due to rotting impacted food usually only occurs when the food has already passed into the intestine.

What is the temperature like where you live, in the cage, and does the snake have a warm place to go? Impaction can happen if the snake is too cold after eating, not allowing the digestive processes to do it's thing. Snakes need to be able to warm themselves up in order to digest their food.

In the case of organomegaly (enlarged organs) it really depends on the pathology (what is causing the swelling organ) Either it will fix itself, go away with antibiotics, or the snake has lived it's life and these are it's end times. If it is caused by bacteria the antibiotics should fight off the disease. improperly kept frozen mice can causing this.

I would also rule out cancer/tumors. Again, it doesn't look like what a tumor would look like in an X-ray.

Keep to the antibiotic schedule. Make sure the cage is clean and dry. And report back on what happens after she has a meal. unlike all the other things that could cause a lump in a snake, impaction is the most dangerous and emergent situation.
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