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Re: Snake freaking out when touched (help)

Originally Posted by Andy_G View Post
If that's the reasoning you do it, then one could propose that if you move them into a separate feeding container then you'd be conditioning them to expect or anticipate food when being handled since every time they get food they are held first, and if I didn't know better, i'd say that would be even worse than food association in the cage, but that's not the case. No snake would prefer being moved to be fed, no matter the species or their individual quirks. Sometimes there are one-off situations where it may be warranted, but those situations are usually not encountered unless someone is breeding or co-habbing their animals. Craig has already expanded on this in a different way, so I won't add much more. The best thing to do in order to discourage food association would be to use a hook or other object to touch the snake on the head or neck with before handling. Feeding containers is not the answer, but if one gets comfort in using one, it is their snake and their right to do so.
That makes sense then because they both had lived in the same tank the entire time so perhaps that is why they were fed in separate containers. Never thought of it that way.
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