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Re: My corn snake didn't eat her food

Originally Posted by Andy_G View Post
This is not a social species and they will not miss each other. To state or believe otherwise is projecting human characteristics and emotions, called anthropomorphism. It's nice for us to think that they have these feelings, but they do not. Some reptiles are in fact more social and do develop bonds to us as well as each other, but those species are very few and corn snakes are not one.
No I get what you mean just doesn't change the fact that these two were together since birth and at least in my opinion it is sad that they have to separate. I completely realize they won't likely miss each other due to them being a non social species (If I am not mistaken Garter snakes are a social snake but corn snakes are one of the many that are not). By no means am I imposing that they will miss eachother.
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