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Originally posted by jpaulson
Would you get the same reaction if you tried to pick up a wild boar as you would a wild salamander? Of course not. That is because one is more aggressive than the other.
No offense, but that's a poor example. A salamander's primary defense is the toxins in it's skin, kind of a passive defense mechanism. I would think you'd need to compare 2 animals that both include biting as a defense mechanism. Therefore, a ringneck snake would also be a poor example. But I get your point.

I have picked up some wild ratsnakes and not suffered a bite. I cannot, however, say the same thing about black racers. EVERY one I've picked up in the wild has bitten me.

You also stated that "If snakes can love, then they can't hate and if they can't hate then they can't get angry." But then you go on to say that "animals have instincts, not feelings." Sounds to me to be a contradiction.
I think that was a typo, I believe he meant to say "can't love".
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