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Re: Corn Snake Has Hard Lump

Honestly, sounds like this vet has very little reptile experience. I am not a vet, I am a nurse, but life is life humans to snakes. It's all process of elimination and research for answers. I hope your vet asked you these exact questions, but I'll give finding an answer a shot if you can help me narrow down my search with some answers.

-First off, how long has this snake had this lump?
-Did it appear one day or did it grow, if so, how long did it take to grow to it's size and is it still growing?
-Is the lump painful, does the snake guard or react in any way if you squeeze it. Try squeezing a different part of the snake with the same force and then squeeze the lump, tell me if there is a difference.
-Is the lump hard and fixed? or does it move a tiny bit up and down? Can you indent the lump as if it was fluid filled or is it hard like a rock?
-When is the last time this snake ate food? Is it defecating/regurgitating?
-Anything else to add
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