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Re: Corn Snake Has Hard Lump

I think it'd be good to not argue about unrelated things in my thread.

Although I will say that you are being quite rude, Kazz. I came here for some help and advice about a snake, not for people to make comments about my family situation. I mentioned it because it was relevant to the snake's problem. And I got the advice I wanted; the snake needs medical attention, it can't wait, so I should find a way to help the snake regardless of whatever family issues I am having.

Originally Posted by kazz View Post
Neon Aurora, your sister is really bad person. If I were you I'd stop relations with her. Sorry. I hope you settle this problem with snake and your sister. But women .... I am sure your sister spend much money for women's useless **** and don't wanna take care of it's snake.

This is a sexist statement and you should probably refrain from saying things like that on the forum. I'm sure there are plenty of men who would rather buy other things than spend money on a snake's healthcare too.

Anyways, probably would be better to get back on topic. I don't have much to update right now, nothing has changed. Her next injection is tomorrow. I didn't have time to get her food yesterday, but will today.
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