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Re: Corn Snake Has Hard Lump

My reptile vet here in Norther VA, SEAVS, has been my go to vet for all my snakes. I've been there with a Yellow Rat that had a lump, my BCC had RI, my Coastal CP had scale damage, and my Red Tail Green Rat had an abcess in it's nose. All of those were treated with two different antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory and all turned out well.

Hopefully what you're doing will work, but be patient due to its metabolism...the results will be slow in showing if there are any improvements and reduction in size of the site.

There have been quite a few cases of cancer showing up in different forums and FB so I'm wondering if we're breeding that into them due to the lack of bloodlines. I've heard that same discussion with dog breeds, and both of MY purebred Dobermans have had issues with either cancer (killed my female) or kidney disease.

Originally Posted by Neon Aurora View Post
Yeah, I can't really afford an MRI on a 15 year old snake. I'm pretty sure my vet doesn't even have one. There are not a lot of great options for herp vets around here. There are only a few vets that will take herps.

I'm sure we can diagnose it without that.

My vet did say she would mention the case to their ultrasound person. Sometimes he takes interesting cases for free. Alternatively, she needs to find out the cost of an ultrasound on a snake.

But honestly I think aspirating it for a biopsy sounds like a pretty good option if the antibiotics don't clear it up.
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