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Re: Corn Snake Has Hard Lump

Okay, back from vet appointment. We still don't really know what it is.

Here is the picture of the xray:

Nothing obvious. Definitely not eggs, possibly intestinal blockage but no real evidence of that. So we are thinking an abscess or a tumor.

It's below her lungs but above her kidneys and reproductive system. Vet said that the pancreas, stomach, and intestines are in that region.

My vet advised me to feed her something small (like a fuzzy or something) dipped in egg yolk. Apparently that has a lubricant effect. I thought mineral oil would be better, though. Any ideas?

She said to see if she can pass that or if she regurgitates it or anything.

She also gave me 5 doses (first one given today) of an injectable antibiotic that I am to give her every 3 days. Hopefully if it's an abscess, that'll clear it up.

Recheck in a week. If that doesn't help, the next step would be to aspirate it and send a sample off to the biopsy lab. Then we can see if it's a tumor or something else.

I am to give her warm baths daily and keep her temps and humidity higher than average.
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