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Re: Corn Snake Has Hard Lump

Originally Posted by Neon Aurora View Post
You see, normally I do have vet money stashed. I'm in unusual spot regarding my job. Long story. This isn't typical for me.

I also have a CareCredit card and a regular credit card. If this was truly my animal, she would have been at the vet a week ago. I always find a way to pay for vet bills. This thing with my sister is ongoing. It's a long story, but this is not the first animal that I've had to deal with because she was unwilling/didn't have money/insert other excuse here. That's why I've been so hesitant to deal with it.

To be honest, I have an empty spot in my reptile collection. I could take this snake. I just didn't want to. I was looking forward to choosing something on my own to raise instead of having to take on my sister's responsibilities that she wouldn't take care of. I was just hoping to get her to do it herself. My rosy boa is also a snake I took her from her because she wasn't taking care of her.

I guess I just need to decide how much of a fight I'm willing to cause with family. I don't think she will let me have the snake easily.

It's become abundantly clear that she simply doesn't care and doesn't think the snake is worth spending more than $30 on vet bills. So be it.

Fletcher (the corn snake) has a vet appointment at 5:30 pm today. I will do everything I can. This hit me at a very bad time because of the unusual situation with my job.

In other news, she is definitely pooping. I skipped her last feeding (she pooped after the last time I fed her) and this morning I saw she has passed a urate a little bit of poop. I didn't expect much poop since she hasn't eaten in a while. But things are moving through, so I'm not convinced it's a blockage.
I get it. I think most of us have dealt with tough financial situations as well as job insecurities or various jobsituations. I commend you for doing what you can.

The animal isn't your responsibility, you should not be burdened with this obligation. It shouldn't be falling on you to finance this animals vet bills, or anything for that matter. I can't imagine your sister's reaction if somebody tried to put a $30 cap on HER health care.

I also understand not wanting to create a family ordeal.
You're in a tough spot. My heart goes out to you.

Please let us know how the vet appointment goes.
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