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Re: Corn Snake Has Hard Lump

Originally Posted by craigafrechette View Post
I give you props for doing the best you can. You were put in a really tough spot, and it seems you're handling it the best you can. I truly wish you and that poor snake all the best.

This is a valuable lesson: having some vet money stashed away is very important when choosing to keep any pet. Animals do get sick, injured, etc... so people, please make sure you can afford vet visits for your animals before bringing them home.

Neon Aurora, that was in NO way intended towards you, it was intended to be a learning experience for anybody reading this. This unfortunate situation is no doubt hard on you. I mean no disrespect to your sister, but if she isn't willing and able to properly care for the animal it should be rehomed.

Have you looked into a rescue near where you live?
This animal NEEDS medical attention, and every day, every hour this animal is suffering more and closer to death. Not trying to be a jerk, but I am trying to stress the importance of the situation. That poor snake doesn't have a voice, but I'm sure it would be asking for help if it did...

Neon Aurora, I hope things work out for you and the snake.
100% agree with everything Craig has mentioned.
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