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Corn Snake Has Hard Lump

Hi all,

I have been "babysitting" my sister's corn snake for several months now. Yesterday I noticed this big, hard lump in her abdomen. I have no idea what it is. Some ideas:

1) I am positive the snake is female. Infertile egg? The lump is huge for that, but maybe...

2) Intestinal blockage? She did poop recently, though.

3) Tumor?

The snake is getting up there in age. I think she's around 14 now.

After I noticed last night, we did a warm soak (or rather swim, snake doesn't stay still), I raised her temps by a few degrees, and temporarily changed her substrate to coco fiber to keep the humidity higher. I'm thinking if it's something passable, higher temps and extra moisture could help.

Here are some pics. In the first pic, the lump is near the part of her body that is lying on the stick.

I told my sister what is going on, and she said if the warm soaks and temp changes don't help, she will take her to the vet.
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