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What are you feeding him? I had one regurge two weeks after getting my month old boa. I was feeding him 1 fuzzy mouse a week. I talked to my neighbor who has been keeping boas for 20 years. He said the husbandry was fine but to try switching to pinky rats. His thought was that maybe he was having a hard time digesting the fur. I did this after going for 2 weeks without feeding him. Two months and multiple feedings later, no more regurg. That’s just my experience and yours may be totally different, but I really hope your little guy pulls through. I’m a new snake owner and am also having other problems, I know it’s stressful.

I'm honestly at a loss at this point. I've been feeding him f/t mouse pinks and fuzzies. I offered him a 3 gm fresh killed peach fuzzy at 10 days post regurg (because by then he'd lost 3 grams so I didn't want to wait any longer) but he ignored it.

A BRB breeder I wrote to said that pinks are probably too small to attract his notice, so at 14 days PR I offered him a 5 gram f/t fuzzy which he ate, but then regurged 4 days later. I'm not sure it would be a good idea to try and switch prey species at this point. Dave C. also suggested lowering the temperature of his hot spot, which I did.

I've ordered some NutriBACdf from Amazon to try and replenish his gut biome at his next feeding, but he's so fussy I'm not sure he'll eat anything dusted with an unfamiliar substance.
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