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Any tips on how I can improve my enclosure?

Hi there! First time snake owner. So I have posted some questions before about my pastel BCI, Mittens. He is about 4 months old, 2 feet long, and has a great personality. This time, I have some questions about my enclosure and how I can improve it. It is bioactive, I made it from materials from the BioDude. There is a layer of Terra Firma substrate. On top of that, a layer of sphagnum moss and leaf litter. There are 3 live plants; a large dracanea and two smaller plants. I am using a glass tank, I know some of you don't like those for understandable reasons, but that is what I have on hand and what the BioDude uses. It is 55 gallons (4 ft long, 1 ft wide, 2 ft tall) with a metal screen top. For heat, I keep a ceramic heat bulb in a dome lamp sitting on the left side of the lid. I have it hooked up to a Zilla thermostat set at 80-85 with the temp probe in the middle of the tank. I live in Georgia and keep the temperatures in my house at 78 F right now, in the winter I will drop it to 73-75 so as not to overtax my heat bill. He has a hide made of cork bark flats on the hot side but never uses it. For humidity, I use a Mist King system and mist 4 times a day for a minute each. Water dish is on the cool side. Plants only seem to be able to survive on the cool side. He does seem to thermoregulate well as he goes back and forth between both sides, he has a favorite spot on each side. There are also ghostwood branches he loves to climb on. My isopods are doing great, not sure about the springtails, I never see them. I know screen tops are not the best for humidity and I have seen some recommending that I cover the top with glass or plastic, but I have also seen some say that's not a good idea due to restricting airflow which could create mold, so not sure what to do here. It is important to note that he is not showing any signs of irritability that a snake experiencing bad husbandry would show, he eats well and never shows any aggression whatsoever and likes to be handled. Still, I feel I could do better. So, any suggestions? Thanks in advance. I have no good pics, will post one later.
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