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Re: Question about using predatory mites against snake mites

Ok, I will try that, thanks. I don't think I could have reintroduced the snake mites as I wipe down all utensils with a listerine/water mix. I think it's more likely that I killed the predator mites somehow, unfortunately, either from storing them for too long (last time I slowly introduced them over a week) or something else. Maybe it wasn't humid enough for them, my viv is a screen top, so this week I'm going to buy a glass canopy (to hopefully increase humidity retention) and some sheet moss at the pet store as the sticky topic here mentioned putting them under some moss. Btw, I am storing their container in a small (1 ft by 8in, roughly) cooler with a small ice pack and the cooler lid slightly open, temp in my house is 78 degrees. Hopefully I didn't freeze them to death. Also, when I bought them the first time (from the BioControl Network) the man I talked to did say maybe just maybe I might want to buy 2 liters since my terrarium is kind of large. So maybe I simply didn't get enough? I don't know, hopefully they wipe them out this time.
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