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Question about using predatory mites against snake mites

So on April 15 after years of research I got my first snake, Mittens, a month old pastel morph BCI at Repticon. 2 months later, I find he has mites. I know I should have treated him as soon as I brought him home, that was my newb mistake. For some reason I thought a certified breeder wouldn’t sell me a snake with mites. Stupid, but I know better now. I researched the best way to deal with them in bioactive vivs, and ordered a liter of hypoapsis miles mites (about 25,000). From what I hear, if done right, these will make your viv mite free in a few weeks. They arrived June 6 and I began to add them in. It seemed to work, a fee weeks went by, no more mites in the water dish or on him, but last week the mites showed up in his water dish again. So I ordered another batch. They arrived yesterday. Now here is where I am unsure of what to do next, as I've heard various opinions. Should I just dump the whole thing in or add a little bit each day? Last time I added about a half cup to a cup a day. I have a 55 gallon bioactive terrarium with an 80 degree ambient temp, I use a mist king to mist it 4 times a day for a minute. Despite the mites, his temperament is great and he eats regularly. Does anyone have experience with this? Any advice is appreciated.
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