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Re: Help confirm suriname

Originally Posted by Dom559 View Post
Thanks for all the awesome replies everybody really glad to find out he is more than likely a true Suriname im trying to get ahold of the breeder to find out thr lineage. Hes become my baby and has the best temperament iv ever seen in a boa.
If i were to ever breed him what type of female would make a good pair? Another true suriname? Some type of a BCI morph? I love the jungle hypo colors.
I would caution against breeding a snake with unknown origins, especially a normal potential locality.

If you want to do a Suriname breeding project, I'd encourage getting an individual from a locality breeder, so you know for sure what you're getting. They will likely be more expensive, but will be of a higher quality, and you'll have a better idea of what you're getting.

I'm also not a fan of hybridizing BCC with BI morphs, but Suris are used quite consistently in various morph projects to increase color and contrast. If you do make hybrids, be sure to mark them clearly.
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