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Re: Help confirm suriname

It is my opinion that your boa has heavy BC (BCC) influence, but without knowing actual lineage, it may very well be the result of a cross. That's the best and most ethical answer that you will get.

Originally Posted by richardhind View Post
remember the bcc distribution area is a fair size and not all are going to have the extreme bat like saddles that some have that have come out of Suriname and other local areas like Guyana etc.

nearly all my boas are iridescent, i think its a boa trait but my pure local boas my Peruvian and my Nicaraguans are more so than my bci morphs except my img like shes just really glossy with being nearly black

i would have that boa too,thats for sure
Rich - Suriname and Guyana...the only thing separating the two countries is a river which is easily swam across for a boa if it so chooses. Importers from that region are also notorious for fibbing to get top dollar, so many consider the two to be one in the same because of that, but certainly not everyone may think that. I do. Distinguishing features comparing between the "two" locales from each other are VERY anecdotal. Also, saddle shape is an unreliable feature, because with BCC you have everything available from almost fully striped to huge widow peaks to no peaks at all.

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