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Re: First snek!

Originally Posted by Andy_G View Post
Very cool! Corns are one of the best species for someone just starting out. Looking forward to seeing pics once you get it.
Sounds good, I needed something hardy as a first snake.
Looking forward to posting pics, I still have a bit to do though before she gets here.

I picked up a fridge/freezer combo for the office so I can keep and thaw frozen mice, although I was considering starting a colony of mice to feed live. Im also considering a rack instead of an enclosure. This way I can keep multiple kinds of corn snakes. Still doing research on it though, I prefer to do whats best for the snake, but I don't have room for more than two large AP enclosures.

On the 20L i'm using now, I covered the screen some, and wrapped a poly insulation cloth around half of the enclosure (I will be painting it soon as well) to box it in a bit. I also added a long cardboard tube for a hide that reaches both cool and warm sides of the enclosure. I still need to go pick up a new laser temp gun too, mine isn't working right.
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