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How long to wait before feeding again?

Seeing as today was a nice day with a warm wind blowing, I thought I'd take my Timor python outside for some sun. He was fine for the first ten minutes or so, hanging out on a frame we use for hanging washing on, when suddenly he started gaping his mouth and having convulsions. I was sure he was going to vomit, but within a minute he was back to normal licking the air and moving around.

Not sure what caused the behaviour, but he's a very nervous little fellow so it could have been a number of things (probably something to do with the temperature). He seems fine now, so all I want to ask is should I treat it as if he actually had vomited and wait a week or so before feeding him again? His last meal was four days ago, due to eat again in 3-4 days time. is offline  
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