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Re: First snek!

Originally Posted by craigafrechette View Post
Glad to see you made a decision and are making progress with your setup. Setting everything up ahead of time will make life easier on you and much easier on your snake.
I agree with Ziggy, but you're already planning on a few tweaks so I won't continue to beat that drum.
I think you'll find your new corn will spend a lot of time burrowing while young and aspen is a great choice for substrate. I like to use it for young colubrids, but I personally don't care for it overall. But, it's not about me, it's about the snakes.
Anyway, I'm rambling at this point...
Sorry that one sold, but there's another with your name on it somewhere. Any chance there are any upcoming reptile expos coming up in your area?
Thanks! There are some towards the end of the year but I made a purchase today so we shall see what the future has in store!

Originally Posted by EL Ziggy View Post
Sorry that one got away Will. That means something better is in store.
No worries I finally found one equally as nice, at least I think so...
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