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Re: Snake Heat "light"

My corn ended up seeking out a UV lizard basking lamp when it was on the enclosure rather than the che of the same temp so I let her keep it to run during the day. With huge differences in seasonal and day/night temps in Iowa it is quite common for our few reptile species to be basking part of the day and seek cover come noon to return for what heat they can get from sun warmed objects as it gets dark. Even taking common night hikes it's before noon and prior to sunset that we run into the most snakes completely in the open. From dekay brown snakes and garters winding through the shorter grass at that time to bulls, rats, or water snakes actually up on the rocks and roadways. I spent about 4months of every year for several years moving a bull off the driveway before driving to class late morning several times a week at one place I lived. People were not impressed when informed the snake moving pole is left on the nearby tree if you need it.

The argument really isn't relevant though. Either way it's too cold in my house to cut all heat at night so regardless of lighting them during the day or not they need some heat source without light for the other half of the 24hr period. A che or equivalent lightless heat source is still a necessary part of the system. You don't want to be heating most species only while you have the light fully on or always having light on. It also causes some thermostat complications to have your light turn off or dim too low when your heat gets too high if you do want all that light. Even when I do have a heat source with light it's supplemental to their base CHE that runs 24/7 rather than used to significantly raise the heat by itself so those enclosures just have a certain degree of increase or the che runs less while lit.
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