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Re: Snake Heat "light"

Originally Posted by craigafrechette View Post
I do NOT provide my snakes with a light cycle. They get the natural light that enters the room.
I must've misunderstood...because that constitutes a "light cycle" to me. The only reason I have lights on my snakes is because the room they're in doesn't get much light. I should clarify I don't use heat lamps, just LEDs so they get SOME light during the day and aren't trapped in darkness most of their lives. You're snakes still have the benefit of the cycle of day/night with the natural light coming into the room, even if it's not super bright.

Originally Posted by craigafrechette View Post
Active? Yes. But driven to bask in light? No.
That was my point. Many snakes are active during the day. I wasn't referring to basking at all. Again, when I made my initial comment I wasn't arguing that snakes need light to bask in. I just believe it is beneficial (for some species) to have some sort of cycle between day and night. I guess it also depends on what species we're talking about it.

Originally Posted by pet_snake_78 View Post
The vast majority of snakes I find in the wild here in the USA do not bask in the sun much at all, they hide under rocks which are themselves warmed by the sun, but they spend the vast majority of their lives hidden away in darkness. Gravid female timbers, racers, and some watersnakes are notable exceptions, though. Richard Hoyer actually kept his rubber boas he used for studies just like he found them in the field. He had a spot light shinning on a piece of tin in their cages. In MO during the summer, many snakes are active at night when it is cooler and safer to come out.
Very true. However there are still some species - garters, ribbons, rough greens, timbers, racers, water snakes, rat snakes, etc. - that continue to be active during the day, even in mid summer in south Louisiana. When it's not stupid hot outside here, that list expands by a good bit. Are they basking? Of course not since it's so hot. However they can still be found out during the daytime. Then again, I also wasn't arguing that snakes need a light cycle to bask (not sure if your comment was directed towards Roman's comment or mine).

My main point had nothing to do with heat/basking. I was simply saying that I believe some snakes benefit from having some sort of light cycle to mimic day/night. Not necessarily super bright, but something so they aren't in complete darkness most of their lives. Craig, I know you don't keep your snakes like that (I didn't think you did, even before mentioning the natural light), but I know a couple of keepers who have snake rooms that get little to no light except for when they're in the room with the light on. I know some snakes may not care one way or the other, and I also know that all of their necessities are being met, but that's more of what I was arguing against.
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