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Re: Snake Heat "light"

Originally Posted by Roman View Post
Now I am confused. Your first statement but you provide your snakes with a day/night cycle and natural light?? Why if they don’t need it?

As I said before, snakes associate light with heat (or vice versa), so they will initially seek heat at the brightest spot in your enclosure. They might be able to learn that there is another (darker) place actually warmer than that, but this not what they would expect.

So I suggest you do some reading before you tell me “snakes don’t need light and don’t benefit from it” again…
I do NOT provide my snakes with a light cycle. They get the natural light that enters the room.

My snakes NEVER go to the brightest spot, they seek out the temps they want, and are almost always hidden. They know how to thermoregulate naturally. They don't see a bright spot and think "I bet it's warm there".

I've been in this hobby since 1999-2000ish and have done plenty of reading, thanks.
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