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Re: Snake Heat "light"

Originally Posted by Roman View Post
What makes you think that?? Donít tell me "hundreds of breeders keeping their animals in racks prove it" again, we had this discussion just a few weeks before.

How do snakes regulate their temperature in the wild? They will seek a sun lit place to bask in the light until they get their preferred temperature and will eventually move to another spot with less light or into shade. This kind of behavior can be seen by all kinds of snakes, diurnal as well as nocturnal snakes.

What use is good eyesight with the ability to differentiate different colors and to see even in the UV spectrum? If there is no light this ability is useless, you deprive your snake the use of their eyes.
Snakes seek out sun lit places for the temps, not the light. Since we are able to provide the temps without the use of bright light, we don't need to add additional light. My snakes are all in display enclosures and receive natural light during daylight hours.

The comment about depriving my snakes the use of their eyes is just silly.
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