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Re: best beginner snake

Corns really are great snakes. Hardy, great personality, and they don't get too big. However, like Craig, I enjoy kings way more. I've heard stories of kings being a pain when they're young, but I've never experienced that (milks are another story).

Honestly, the range of "beginner" snakes expands as far as your effort does. If you're willing to deal with a little attitude on the front end, you could go with bull, pine, or gopher snakes. I've heard great things about African house snakes (although I've only dealt with young ones, and not extensively). Western hognose are neat pets as well. Sand boas are good too.

A couple final suggestions...rat snakes are cool, in my opinion. They usually are pretty laid back, although not as much as corns. Garter snakes are also pretty chill, and stay small.
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