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Originally Posted by toddnbecka View Post
I read that already, not much else to be found, though I did see this comment on a photo:
"Although it has one of the most potent venoms of all colubrids, the Black-headed Cat Snake does not have fangs nor is it aggressive."
The same thing can be said about hognose, rhino rat snakes, or even Asian vine snakes. [...]
Wherever you found this information, from all I found this is not an accurate information. Boiga nigriceps is an opisthoplyph (rear fanged) snake (like all Boiga species). Have a look here, there is a picture of a Boiga nigriceps skull where you can see the enlarged fangs right below the eye and you can also see the grooves in the teeth. --> https://allyouneedisbiology.wordpres...u-who-you-are/

So this species has a functional delivery system for its venom, even if the fangs will probably not be used in a short, defensive bite.

Weinstein et al describes the symptoms of a bite in his book " 'Venomous' bites from Non-Venomous snakes" as potentially severe, but that available information suggests only mild local effects.

Where does this reference about rhino rat snakes come from? Gonyosoma boulengeri doesn’t have any fangs and I never heard of any symptoms of envenomation from a bite of them, I certainly never had any from bites of my female. Did you mix it up with Barons racer (Philodryas baroni)?

BTW, nice snake!
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