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Originally Posted by Scubadiver59 View Post
Better you than me...

"Little is known about the black-headed cat snake's venom toxicity on humans, but it is thought to be comparable to the severity of a copperhead. This rear fanged colubrid's bite rarely results in adverse effects due to its poor venom delivery system. Luckily their fangs' positioning doesn't result in any significant envenomation.

Symptoms tend to stay localized to the envenomation site, limiting the victim to minor swelling and pain. However, with any run in with venom the possibility of an allergic reaction or anaphylactic shock is heightened. While there may not be any known to date fatalities from Boiga nigriceps, it does not mean they shouldn't be taken seriously! Like all animals that pose a threat they should be handled with vigilance, care, and caution. Which is exactly why there is so much controversy over keeping reptiles such as these rear fanged colubrids as pets. Proper handling equipment (snake hooks/tongs etc.) is suggested to be used while working with this species at all times."
I read that already, not much else to be found, though I did see this comment on a photo:
"Although it has one of the most potent venoms of all colubrids, the Black-headed Cat Snake does not have fangs nor is it aggressive."
The same thing can be said about hognose, rhino rat snakes, or even Asian vine snakes.
Very long and slender, I read that they grow to about 5'. They are actually quite docile in general though, and from what I've gathered they don't even strike at food. Makes me wonder how they do it in the wild.

This one was rather cool to the touch after being shipped, then sitting around for several more hours until I got home from work today. At room temp of 74 she was at least 10 degrees lower than their preferred temp, so I let her warm up on my hand for a bit and took a couple cell phone pics before I pulled out a tub and let her make her own way in.
I doubt she'll be anything like my woma python, he handles just fine for about a minute then tries to eat a finger.

Incidentally, the black spots are bits of bedding, not mites.
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