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Re: Is a supertank possible?

The easiest thing to start out with would be to pick a biotope you would like to replicate, i.e rain forest, desert, grassland, your local area etc..., then pick specific location to replicate, i.e. south american rain forest. Then find animals that live within the said location that are also available in the pet trade and are not predatory on each other. An example would be a Sun Conure, a red foot tortoise and a green iguana. They are found in the same general area and are all relatively herbivorous.

That is the easy part, you generally want to have experience with each species your working with so you can identify stress signs, illnesses, and be prepared to be properly treat it. But this type of setup would generally need a large enclosure to be successful, like a room as you stated, cause generally the different species will not be communal and will need room to get away from each other and set up their own "territory". There is a lot that needs to go into this kind of setup to make it successful.
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