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Re: Is a supertank possible?

It's been done but I don't think it's something I would openly encourage except for zoos where the primary concern is the oooos and awes of the audience above the health and welfare of the animals... and I don't mean that in a bad way it's just zoos want to show people something like a little slice of tropical rainforest, have kids look around and try to find various animals, read the displays, and if they can group in 2-3 species from the same ecosystem type without major issues, then it's often worth it to them to do so. If you wanted to do so for your own viewing pleasure, I wouldn't have an issue with it either just be honest about what it is and we know it's likely not what is best for the animals. You can have cross contamination of parasites, amphibians poisoning each other, directly conflicts and injuries, etc. Many of these things may slowly weaken the animal over time and may not be obvious right away or it may be severe and suddenly bring an end to the experiment. I've seen people do things like this but it hardly made me think they were an expert, kind of the opposite.
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