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Re: Cats and Vivs

Originally Posted by kudzu View Post
Phenyx, my ultimate solution was to get a pvc cage with a solid top. I know that type of cage is pricey & not feasible for some, but for me it was the best solution.

Believe me, I wish I could, but they're all 24" deep. I've got an 18" deep enclosure on top of a shelf that's setting on top of a 14" deep cabinet right now (which is what she's in), but I have no furniture on which I can set a 24" deep viv with any stability.

Originally Posted by kudzu View Post
However, before I was able to buy one I had to find a way to keep my snake safe in his tank. Though the tank had a sliding screen like that seemed pretty sturdy, I opted to put a Zilla Fresh Air screen on the top as well. I opted for the type that is one solid piece of screening. It has no door & no hinge, both of which appeared to make the screen weaker overall.

I've got a Zoo Med tank with a 2 piece screen top. The cat hasn't torn the screen, just popped it out from under the spline around the edges. It's an easy fix, just annoying. I know the Zilla Screen's you're talking about though - it wouldn't necessarily keep the cat off, but they look to be sturdy enough to keep the cat from falling in the viv. I'll look into it next time at the store.

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