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Originally Posted by craigafrechette View Post
Keep the enclosure where the cat can't get to it.

Easier said than done, at least at my house. I did the best I could to make access difficult & worked to train the cats to stay off. Even so, we found a cat up there on occasion. Though the cats couldn't get into the tank, they could stress the snake by acting like their predatory selves.

Phenyx, my ultimate solution was to get a pvc cage with a solid top. I know that type of cage is pricey & not feasible for some, but for me it was the best solution. However, before I was able to buy one I had to find a way to keep my snake safe in his tank. Though the tank had a sliding screen like that seemed pretty sturdy, I opted to put a Zilla Fresh Air screen on the top as well. I opted for the type that is one solid piece of screening. It has no door & no hinge, both of which appeared to make the screen weaker overall. It was the sturdiest screen I could find. The way the screen is constructed, the walls of the tank actually help support the screen material itself, not just a frame the screen is in. Am not saying it is totally cat proof, but it's as close as I could get at the time.
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