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Is a supertank possible?

Okay let me elaborate, by supertank I mean multi-species habitat. We are considering, at some point in the future, a small room dedicated to reptiles and amphibians, with a custom made enclosure and we are wondering that with all of the correct elements (heat,humidity, substrate, lots of space, hides and basking areas, etc) if a large custom enclosure would be able to hold variegated species and if anybody has experience (good or bad) advise, etc for what to keep in this kind of environment or how to perfect it.

We are aware of why this is typically discouraged (the spread of parasites or disease, no animal can flee or escape, competition for food, light, hides) but even it it just had male/female pair of 3 species, with two arboreal and one terrestrial or a similar combination, and with much research, planning and investment, we are hoping this is possible.

Anybody have any tips or experience housing 2 or more different reptile or amphibian species together? What work and what didn't?

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